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John Prescott visits Whitehaven Marina – 19 years after opening it

Lord Prescott returned to Whitehaven Marina after opening under it the last Labour Government. Against the backdrop of one of Labour’s many contributions to Copeland, Prescott highlighted the issues facing the area thanks to years of Tory neglect, resulting in a lack of well paid jobs, threadbare infrastructure investment and the growing Tory-made crisis facing West Cumberland and Keswick Hospitals.


The Tories plans to downgrade West Cumberland hospital, downgrade the maternity ward and close our A&E and children’s ward is the number one concern Gillian Troughton is hearing time and again from worried residents.

Coming to show support for Gillian Troughton, Lord Prescott said:

“When Labour was in government we more than doubled spending on health and rebuilt school buildings including West Lakes Academy. Copeland needs a strong Labour MP to take the fight to the Tories over their disgraceful plans to cut local NHS to the bone. If you vote Labour, you’re voting to save hospitals and save lives.”

Gillian Troughton, Labour’s parliamentary candidate said:

“It’s fantastic to have Lord Prescott here, he knows more than most the difference a strong Labour presence can make in Copeland. If the Tories get their way NHS services and funding in Copeland will be decimated. If elected MP I will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Also visiting Copeland is Labour’s newest MP and former Coronation Street star, Tracy Brabin, who joined Gillian in campaigning for Labour support on the doorstep. 

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