Gillian's pledges for Copeland

I love Copeland, it’s my home and the place I brought my children up. I really care about the people and the place. But what is really worrying me is the crisis now facing Copeland under this Tory Government.



The Tories’ plans to cut vital services at West Cumberland Hospital are shocking and dangerous.

As a former NHS doctor, and a blue-light ambulance driver, I’ve seen first-hand the challenges facing our hospital and as an active campaigner to save our local NHS services I am the only candidate who will fight to deliver on behalf of the people of Copeland.


 1.    Protect the A&E, maternity service and children’s ward at West Cumberland Hospital.

Think forcing expectant mums to make a 40-mile journey to Carlisle for treatment is acceptable? The Tories do. Tory NHS cuts will force expectant mothers to travel 40 miles to Carlisle to give birth if they have a complication. This could take over an hour and a half. I should know, I have driven that exact route myself as an ambulance driver.

 Sign the petition to save our NHS here:


 2.    Save inpatient beds at Keswick Hospital.

Think cutting the number of vital inpatient beds at our Keswick Hospital is acceptable? The Tories do. The ugly truth of the Tories “Success Regime” in West Cumbria is that Keswick Hospital will be stripped of many- if not all- of its inpatient beds. We must fight to stop the heartless dismantling of the NHS.

Sign the petition to save our NHS here


 3.     Support Sellafield and the nuclear industry. No ifs. No buts.

No ifs. No buts. I support the nuclear industry in Copeland. My husband works at Sellafield so I know how important it is for thousands of local families. Like you I've been dismayed at how the government has gone about systematically picking workers pockets by raiding their retirement funds. I will fight to stop the Tories punishing our hard workers


4.    Securing jobs for the future at Moorside

Moorside is a fantastic opportunity for more skilled jobs, investment, and growth. Nuclear is an essential part of the energy mix and I will fight to ensure Copeland's we have good jobs for the young people of tomorrow.


5.    Campaign for investment in our road and rail, plus better broadband and mobile phone signal.

The Tories are letting Copeland down by not investing in the vital infrastructure that Copeland needs to make our town the West Cumbrian success story it can be. 

As Labour MP I will be demanding the Tories invest in our roads, rails and telecoms.

Want to join my campaign for a better Copeland? Get involved here:

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