Gillian's life in the NHS

Gillian, our candidate for Copeland, talks here about her life in the NHS. 


I’ve been working in or campaigned for the NHS for most of my life.

It was one of the proudest days of my life when I qualified as a doctor. Working on the wards under the last Tory Government, I saw first-hand how they left the NHS dangerously underfunded. When I left being a doctor to raise my family, I saw how much better the investment was under the Labour government.

Now the kids are grown up I’ve become a blue-light ambulance driver, so I can use my experience as a doctor in a way that benefits the community. My life with the NHS has changed again.

But what doesn’t change is the way the Tories treat our vital local health services. They are threatening to strip clinical services from West Cumberland Hospital and take away all the inpatient beds from Keswick.

They will then expect patients to head to Carlisle. I’ve driven the route in an ambulance and don’t believe the Tory proposals are safe. Only a Labour MP in Copeland, who will fight for the funding the NHS needs, can be trusted with our hospitals’ future.

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