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Labour would underwrite Moorside to secure its future for Copeland

Toshiba have delayed their announcement about investment in Moorside by a month, meaning the people of Copeland are once again left with uncertainty about the future of this vital development. Labour are calling on the Government to step up and intervene.  


Gillian Troughton, Labour’s candidate for the forthcoming Copeland by-election, said:

"It is unfair for this Tory Government to sit on their hands waiting for Toshiba to make their decision. Our community needs certainty.

“Moorside needs to go ahead and the Government must step up and provide assurance that it will. 

“If Toshiba pulls out of Moorside, the Government must intervene immediately. Anything less than a public stake and financial stability for this project would be another Tory let-down for our community. It’s the Government’s duty to protect these jobs and secure this investment.

“The Labour Party backs new nuclear and would underwrite investment in Moorside – for jobs, skills, infrastructure, expansion of renewables, and to meet our climate change targets.

“I will continue to stand fully behind our nuclear industry, no ifs, not buts.”

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