Warm words are not enough – we need answers on Moorside future

Labour’s Gillian Troughton is today calling on the Tories to answer three simple questions on the 21,000 Moorside jobs, hanging in the balance thanks to woeful Tory inaction. In a letter to Greg Clarke, Gillian challenges the Business Secretary to reveal what the Tories are doing to deliver Moorside. How long they have been aware of the serious issues facing its funding? And whether he will commit to road and rail infrastructure Copeland needs to give the Moorside plant the best chance of going ahead?  


Labour’s Gillian Troughton, our Copeland parliamentary candidate, said:

“Warm words are not enough – we need answers on Moorside future. The Moorside plant has been in development for years but the Tories seem to have completely lost control of the situation.

“The people of Copeland deserve better than Tories burying his/her head in the sand. We need guarantees this vital project will be going ahead, and we need it now.”


Please see below for three questions Gillian is calling on the Tories to answer: 

  1. What are the Tories doing - besides saying they’re going to deliver Moorside - to actually make it happen?
  2. How long have the Conservatives known there have been serious issues securing the deal and do they have a contingency plan if they cannot secure investment?
  3. Will they commit to delivering the road and rail infrastructure Copeland sorely needs to give Moorside the best chance possible of getting green light? 

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