Pledge to save inpatient beds in Keswick


Gillian Troughton, our candidate for Copeland, was joined by Barbara Keeley, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, today to launch Gillian’s pledge to save inpatient beds in Keswick.


The pair visited Amy’s Care social club. They discussed with Fraser Dooley, the director of Amy’s care and carers the implications of moving all inpatient beds at Keswick.

Gillian Troughton, Labour’s candidate for Copeland, said: 

“Amy’s care is a fantastic resource for people in Keswick, but people here are worried about the Tory proposals to remove inpatient beds from Keswick Hospital.

“As a former NHS doctor, I know what the Tories are doing to the NHS. I will fight to keep inpatient beds here in Keswick and protect local health services.”

Fraser Dooley, the Director of Amy’s care, said:

“It was brilliant to welcome Gillian and Barbara to Amy’s today. Everyone here is worried about the future of the NHS and local services in particular.

“I was impressed that they want to know our experiences and it is good to know that our opinions count. It's great to know that Gillian is supporting us.”

Barbara Keeley, Labour’s Shadow Health Minister, said:

“I am pleased to support Gillian and her campaign to save inpatient beds here in Keswick.

“The Tories are stripping our NHS services and only a vote for a strong Labour voice here can fight it.”


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