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Jeremy Hunt makes hospital in south his ‘first priority’

Following Theresa May’s flying visit to Copeland, where she failed to back West Cumberland Hospital’s maternity unit four times when asked by media, it’s revealed that Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has also snubbed the residents of Copeland by giving assurances to his Tory MP colleague that a hospital in the south – also under the Success Regime - would be his ‘first priority’.


Absent Jeremy Hunt, who is still yet to visit Copeland, has been silent on the state of the hospital’s services while concern amongst people in Copeland grows. West Cumberland Hospital, like North Devon District Hospital, is undergoing a review of its maternity ward, A&E and children’s ward. But unlike residents of North Devon, people in Copeland are yet to hear any such statements of support from the AWOL Health Sec.

Jeremy Hunt was pressed on the issue in the House of Commons by Tory chum North Devon's MP Peter Heaton-Jones.

During a debate, Peter Heaton-Jones said: "The maternity unit of North Devon District Hospital is one of the services being reviewed under the current success regime.

Can the minister reassure me and my constituents that maternity care and the safety thereof in what's a geographically huge region will be the first priority under this review."

Tory Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, replied by saying: "I can absolutely assure him of that."

Gillian Troughton said: “With Jeremy Hunt it’s one rule for us in the north and another for the Tory chumocracy in the south. The Tories will always look after their own in the south. I have written to Jeremy Hunt outlining my serious concerns about the success regime. People in Copeland also need assurances about the fate of their much valued local NHS services like maternity, A&E and the children’s ward.”

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