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Former doctor Gillian Troughton is our candidate for the by-election

Former hospital doctor and local councillor Gillian Troughton has been selected by local Labour Party members in Copeland as the Party’s candidate for the forthcoming by-election.

A blue light ambulance driver for the St John Ambulance, Gillian Troughton has a strong track record in getting things done for the area.  


Speaking after the selection meeting, Gillian Troughton said:

“It is an honour to have been selected as the Labour candidate for this crucial by-election in my home seat.

“This election is a choice between allowing the Tories to strip NHS services away from Copeland, and sending them a message that it's unacceptable.

“This is my home. I have been part of the campaign against the proposed cuts to A&E and the maternity wing because I know that our community needs this service.

“This is where my family make their living. My husband works in the nuclear supply chain, so I know how important the industry is to thousands of Cumbrians.  I’m pro-nuclear; no ifs, no buts. Moorside is a fantastic opportunity; I’ll make sure our community gets what it deserves.

“This is where I raised my children. Copeland has given them so many opportunities. That is why I have spent the last few years campaigning for it. I’m looking forward to campaigning for Copeland in Westminster.”

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